This will hold ALL your drone accessories and your drone! 

Drone controller mods


Mod service ONLY


You supply antenna kit

Mod service PLUS


Includes mod kit and whip antennas

Buy the Mod kit here

This plan requires YOU to purchase the antenna mod kit and antennas of your choice from another vendor and we ONLY INSTALL WHAT YOU SEND

This plan includes mod kit, (2) whip style antennas (pictured above) and installation. You Only need to send your controller.

*** Both Service plans require you to ship your items to me and when you are purchasing your postage, Get a paid return postage label back to you and put it in the box! This will avoid return shipping delays.

** If you are Outside the US and send me your controller, return shipping will be $75**  

SKYDIO 2/Parrot Anafi

This is everything you will need

Installation $79


You assume ALL RISK by having your controller modified including but not limited to flyaways, personal or property injury due to use of modified equipment.

Send me your controller and your aftermarket antenna you want installed along with a paid return shipping label and I will install your antenna on your DJI Spark, Mavic or Autel Evo controller

Autel EVO W/ 4Hawks

Click below to purchase antenna


**Installing an aftermarket antenna on your controller WILL VOID your factory warranty. **

**Next day turn around**

(within lower 48 states)


Dji Spark w/ Whips

I assume no responsibility for the condition of your controller, I will only verify that the controller turns on and off when I receive it. I make no guarantees as to the range or signal improvement, I do not supply antennas and can therefore not guarantee the antennas claims of signal improvement.



Click below to purchase antenna

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