4 Hawks Range Extender for the Autel EVO Installation “how-to” (with pictures for reference)

*You should know that the installation of this antenna

will VOID the factory warranty on your controller.

For the complete instructional video, visit Mike’s Channel on Youtube

1. Take the sticker off of the back. (try not to damage it as you will want to put it back on)

2. Take the 2 small plastic tabs off as follows:

3. You’ll need a T6 torx bit to remove the screws.

4. There are 2 Ribbon Connectors in the holes. Gently pull them off with tweezers.

Off, not Out.

5. Gently pry the controller apart. It is not easy to get apart, just keep at it gently.

6. Remove the plate covering the antenna connections to reveal them

7. Gently pull off both of the the gold colored connectors, so you can just work with

the other side of the controller.

8. Dislodge the antenna wires from the glue. If you’re careful, you can re-use some of it.

9. With a pair of needle nose pliers, remove the ears by using the pressure of the pliers. Simultaneously pull on the ear to release the bulb.

*The longest antenna serves the right side of the controller.

10. Place the 4 Hawks antennas in, keeping the longest on the right.

11. Place your antenna bracket on and set the antennas in place with the supplied


12. Attach the new antenna leads to the other side of the controller where you

previously removed the old ones. Remember, the longest lead (from the right side

of the controller, goes on the bottom connector. The Shortest one (from the left

side of the controller) goes on the top connector.

*It is very important to make sure you hear them snap down.

13. Replace the cable cover plate. Make sure your wires are tucked away properly or it can affect your signal.

14. Put the screws back in, and reassemble your controller, Making sure there are NO wires sticking out of the seams. Be very careful putting it back together. It’ll snap back together.

15. Now take your tweezers and line up the ribbon cables, and push down until they snap in (this is best demonstrated in the video.)

16. Place the covers back over the ribbon cables.

17. Place the screws back in.

18. Replace the sticker if desired.

19. Screw the other antennas onto the leads. (also see step 20 for better Image)

20. Place the antenna pins into the holes on the antenna bracket.

21. Tighten the thumb screws.

22. Connect the cables to the antenna.

*Tighten them snug, but do not over tighten them.

Installation is complete!

To adjust your antenna, pull out and tilt accordingly. For the complete instructional video, visit Mike’s Channel on Youtube

Click HERE for a printable .pdf of these instructions

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