4 Hawks Range Extender for the DJI Spark Installation “how-to” (with pictures for reference)

*You should know that the installation of this antenna

will VOID the factory warranty on your controller.

For the complete instructional video, visit Mike’s Channel on Youtube For a .pdf version of these instructions, click here.

1. Remove the screws from the bottom of the controller using a Tork 6-bit, if not the screwdriver included.

2. Pull the little tabs off each side.

3. Pry off the plate in between where you just took off the tabs.

4. Pop up the ribbon cables by the tiny lift tabs. (Use tweezers.)

5. Remove the screws just above and adjacent to the ribbon cables. (3:58 in the video)- you may want to use a stronger driver, as the screws are in there pretty tight.)

6. Pry the front of the controller away from the back of it. (Your buttons will come out.)

7. Peel back the piece of tape to expose the white/black ribbon cable. Pry up the ribbon cable. Gently pry the tape down from the battery (below the ribbon cable.)

8. Take out the 6 screws shown:

9. Locate the connector under the felt pad. (5.8 connector. Gently pry up on it and pop it loose. Don't put too much pressure on it.)

10. Disconnect the battery lead.

11. Lift out the board near where you took out the 4 screws on the white background plates.

12. Remove the 2 additional screws on the top and 2 on the bottom holding the battery assembly in. Remove those and lift the battery out.

13. Pull up the antenna leads by prying next to the cable.

14. Pop out the top antennas.

15. Time to install the 4 Hawks! Pull the nuts off of the antenna leads and insert them as shown. They are both the same size, so it doesn't matter which one goes on which side.

16. Place your antenna bracket on top & place the nuts on the antenna leads. Tighten them down with the wrench provided.

17. Keep orientation of your wire on the back. make sure it is not caught or turned around.

set as shown.

18. Start re-assembly. Reconnect the antenna leads and make sure that you hear them snap.

19. After both antennas are installed, put the battery back on and tighten the screws. Make sure the battery is in there nice and level. Don't over-tighten.

20. Connect the 5.8. Push down until you hear it snap. Then connect the battery lead.

21. Replace the board.

22. Re-attach the ribbon cable by pushing up on the connector, bed it downwards into the controller once it's under the white tab, push the flap down.

23. Re-apply the tape over that connector. Then, replace the two ribbon connectors on the bottom.

24. Put the buttons back in. Then replace the other half of the controller. Make sure the buttons make sounds when they push down.

25. Get in with tweezers and connect the ribbon cables. (super tricky.) (17:10 on the video)

Once you have them connected, go in and push the tabs down.

26. Put the screws back in the ends.

27. Replace the end caps and put the final screws back in.

28. Attach the cables but do not tighten them until the antenna is on.

29. Put in the thumb screws and attach the antenna wires. When all is attached, tighten everything down.

Your antenna is complete!

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